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'Electric' 20 weeks on Spotify's New Alternative playlist.

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21 april 2023

Den Haag - Popradar / info


3 juni 2023

Harderwijk - Onderstroom Festival  /  info


26 juni 2023

Voorburg - Unity Radio - Mini concert


9 september 2023

Gouda - Studio Gonz  /  info

About WARE


Early 2019 they wrote their first song which started out as a spontaneous jam. The mix of the different musical influences of André, Bas and Eric and the addition of electronic instruments lead to a surprising and pleasant sound.


That summer songs started to emerge and the WARE sound was born. A crispy and melodic crossover. You could say it’s a funny blend of 80’s pop, Britisch Rock, New Wave and Electro.


The vibe also generated the urge to explore the world of video. With some simple camera’s they just jumped in.


Oktober 2019 WARE performed their songs live for the first time. At a very small stage, for a handful of people. A week later the band was booked as support for the show of UK’s China Crisis end of February 2020… !!  You should have seen the look on their faces…


Still on the high of this incredible experience WARE released their debut album ‘Higher’. Then Spotify added another surprising turn to this incredible rollercoaster ride by selecting the single ‘Electric’ for the New Alternative playlist. And it stayed there for 20 weeks. “So amazing to see so many people listing and saving your music”.


Now even radio stations start to play their songs. “We’re so excited to find out where this will bring us next”.


During the lockdown they wrote and recorded new songs, shot new video’s, did some online shows and in between were support for Inge van Calkar’s show. Recently WARE released a newest single ‘Seaside’ and shot their (up to now) most challenging music video.


At the moment they work on a complete night out WAREtv live show.



WARE is here!